Admission guide - Invitation to Jc-IFToMM - :
  The purpose of Jc-IFToMM is to develop academic field on mechanical engineering and science in the wide sense through international academic exchange. Thus, Jc-IFToMM strongly hopes that anyone having high level knowledge and technologies will join us as a individual member and that the leading companies will join us as a supporting member.

Member's Privilege :
  Jc-IFToMM is composed of the individual member and the supporting member. They have the following privileges.

For the individual member
(1)A member can present academic papers in JCFToMM symposium.
(2) A member can buy the official journal of IFToMM, “Mechanism and Machine Theory” by the price for the member of IFToMM. yen or more a year in the usual commercial route.
(3)Jc-IFToMM recommends publishing a member's paper in MMT journal.
(4)Jc-IFToMM offers a member the information for the international exchange with various countries related to IFToMM.

For the supporting member
(1)Jc-IFToMM offers MMT journal free to the supporting member.
(2) Jc-IFToMM offers the latest information on various international congresses which are held in the world several times every year and on their proceedings.
(3)The way to do academic exchange of research laboratories, the enterprise, the researcher, and the engineer in the foreign country is opened through IFToMM.
(4) It is possible to participate the symposium, and the visit association, etc. by membership (Up to three persons), and to lend the video tapes which were collected in the past symposium or special lectures.

Fees to join Jc-IFToMM :
Annual membership fee for an individual member5,000 Jpn. yen
Annual membership fee for a supporting member50,000 Jpn. yen

How to join Jc-IFToMM :
  If you want to join Jc-IFToMM, please contact with the secretariat of Jc-IFToMM by E-mail, fax or surface mail with the following information on you: Name, Affiliation, Title, Mailing address, E-mail address, Phone number, Fax number.

Bank account information for wire transfer:

BranchKoganei Branch (branch#223), Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Account NumberSaving account #0323961
Awner Name
Representative of IFToMM, IWATSUKI Nobuyuki
[(in Japanese) Ifutomu Jikkou Iinkai Daihyou IWATSUKI Nobuyuki]

Please see the information of secretariat.