About Jc-IFToMM:
  Japanese Council of IFToMM (Jc-IFToMM) was established in July, 1978, originally as Japanese Council for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (JCToMM) in response to the aim of IFToMM and joined IFToMM as a representative of Japan in July, 1979. Usually the government of each country pays the annual membership fee to join IFToMM, however, JCToMM has paid the membership fee to IFToMM from the membership fees of the individual members in JCToMM instead of Japanese government. Thus JCToMM has played the role to do international exchange in mechanical engineering field. This has been the most important feature of JCToMM.
  In 2003, we have just changed the name of JCToMM to Jc-IFToMM aiming to expand academic fields to deal with according to the policy of IFToMM. Now Jc-IFToMM has the participation of the individual member about 100 people and a company of the support member. 20-25 executive committee who were elected in the annual meeting manage Jc-IFToMM. Jc-IFToMM introduces the trend in mechanical engineering in the world and to transmit the information on the international conferences on various fields. Moreover, Jc-IFToMM symposium has been held to make the exchange of members'research works since 1995. In this year the 26th symposium was held as an online symposium.
  The activity of sections of the rotor dynamics, robotics and mechatronics. link and.cam mechanisms, and micromechanism, etc. is especially advanced by the initiative of Japan, and the participation activity of Jc-IFToMM obtains trust from various member organization of IFToMM in the world. Resultantly, many members of Jc-IFToMM have organized many principal international conferences such as RoManSy 2008, IFToMM Asian Conference on MMS 2021 and RoManSy 2020. Then, Dr. Yoshihiko Nakamura, the 7th chairman of Jc-OFToMM served as president of IFToMM and contributed to manage all activities of IFToMM.
  Moreover, Jc-IFToMM will organize the 16th IFToMM World Congress in Tokyo in 2023. IFToMM World Congress is the most important and large international conference in IFToMM community and has been held every four years since 1965.Jc-IFToMM will prepare to hold the great congress with enthusiasm.
  Jc-IFToMM will continue to advance still more actively for development of the scientific exchange in cooperation with world IFToMM.

Message from the chair person:
  My name is Masaharu Komori, the 11th chairperson of Jc-IFToMM.
  Jc-IFToMM covers a wide range of fields, from robotics to bioengineering, centered on the fields of mechanism and mechanical science, and has contributed to the development of academics in those fields. In particular, it has actively carried out international exchange activities. International Symposium on Design and Synthesis in 1984, 1st IFToMM International Micromechanism Symposium in 1993, 17th CISM-IFToMM Symposium on Robot Design Dynamics and Control (RoManSy2008) in 2008, 2nd IFToMM Asian Conference on Mechanism and Machine Theory in 2012, 23rd CISM-IFToMM Symposium on Robot Design, Dynamics and Control (RoManSy2020) in 2020 were held by Jc-IFToMM.
  In November 2023, the IFToMM World Congress will be held in Tokyo, led by Jc-IFToMM. This congress is the largest event of the global organization IFToMM and is held once every four years. Many researchers from all over the world will participate and various research presentations will be made. Please join the IFToMM World Congress.
  Jc-IFToMM and the global organization IFToMM gather researchers with advanced expertise and abundant research experience, and we can have meaningful discussions with such researchers at international conferences held in various countries. We look forward to your participation.

Prof. Masaharu Komori, Dr. Eng.

Chairman of Executive Committee,
Japanese Council of IFToMM
Kyoto University

  The logo mark shown below was approved as an official logo mark of Japanese Council of IFToMM. This was designed by Mr. Takuro Ikeda, Senior student, Department of Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering, Tokyo Instite of Technology in 2003. He symbolized a growing up fruit which will be obtained the international cooperation via IFToMM.

Jc-IFToMM logo

Official logo mark of Jc-IFToMM