About IFToMM:
  IFToMM is abbreviation of International Federation for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms. A new International organization was proposed during the 1st World Congress on Theory of Mechanism and Machine which was held at Varna, Bulgaria in 1965. After the discussion of four years, IFToMM was established in 1969. Now forty countries in the world including Japan are joining with IFToMM. IFToMM is actively used as a place for wide international exchange of researchers and engineers related to various fields in mechanical engineering, such as kinematics, vibration and noise of machinery, rotor dynamics, and bio-mechanisms, robotics, mechatronics, micro-mechanisms, CAD, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, electronics etc.. The activities of IFToMM are not limited to the science field and are then extended to the history of the science, the education method, and the application to industry, and the mediation of the researchers and engineers for developing countries.

   IFToMM World Congress as the most important place for academic exchange is held every four years. There are many technical sessions on advanced mechanical engineering and many meetings of various committee in IFToMM. For example, there were participants from about fifty countries in the 15th World Congress held at Krakow city, Poland in 2019. Many papers from Japan were presented. The IFToMM World Congress has thus been recognized as one of the conferences with authorities most. Many other conferences which IFToMM sponsors or co-sponsors are also held several times in the world every year. CISM-IFToMM Symposium on Robot Design Dynamics and Control (RoManSy) is one of the most famous conferences. The new research trend is transmitted all over the world by the official journal "Mechanism and Machine Theory (MMT)".

  Because the academic field with which IFToMM should deal has expanded to wider field related to general mechanical engineering from only "Theory of Mechanisms and Machines" in thirty years and more since the establishment of IFToMM. The executive council had discussed the name of IFToMM and decided to put a new name "The International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science" on IFToMM from 1999. However, the abbreviation of the federation came to succeed to IFToMM in consideration of the history and the cultivated eminence. Anyway, IFToMM is progressively transfigured with advance mechanical engineering. If you need more information on IFToMM, please refer to the official WEB-site: